Spot Rates

Spot Rates

Alpha-TMS is designed in a modular way so that you only pay for the functionality that you truly need. With our “Spot Rates” module separate rates can be quickly requested from carriers, when for example no contract rates are available.


Sometimes a rate is needed for an incidental or project-based transport for which no rates have been agreed upon yet. The temptation is great to only request rates from one known carrier because it is time-consuming to contact or call multiple carriers. As a result, shippers often do not get the best option in terms of price, speed, and quality.

How does it work?

In alpha-TMS, shippers can determine which carriers have access to their freight environment. Carriers, in turn, can indicate their interest in spot requests and for which routes or countries. Therefore the Spot Rate module, spot requests allows you to easily request quotations from relevant carriers. Carriers receive a notification and can provide a freight price in alpha-TMS. All received prices are displayed in a clear overview. The best offer can be selected and a transportation order can be placed in combination with the Order module. The carrier selected immediately receives a notification of the order, and other carriers automatically receive feedback their offer is not considered.

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Some benefits

Guaranteed savings in cost and time!

Direct savings

We guarantee savings in transport costs and valuable time in your operation. During the free trial phase, we always determine the Return on Investment.

Try for free

Because we can have your portal operational within one to three days, you can try it out completely for free and with no obligation for three months.

No upfront investment

Our transport management systems require no upfront investment. We always work with a low license fee that depends on which modules are necessary.


With the modular setup, we ensure that everything stays organized while keeping the software affordable. Pay for what you need!

Includes support

We help you set up your environment, connect your logistics service providers, enter your quotes, and train your users.

Access everywhere

With our well-secured cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you have access to your transport environment from anywhere. All you need is a strong password.

What can you expect?

Personalised Dashboard

Compare Rates

Order Management

Spot Rates

Dock Scheduling

Customer Integrations

Carrier Integrations


Tel: +31 172 74 00 90

Including support

We assist you with setting up your environment, connecting your logistics service providers, entering your quotes, and training your users.

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