Road Freight

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Road Freight

Volume specialists often focus on groupage (up to around 5 pallets), or on partial loads (LTL) or full loads (FTL – Full Truck Load). There are certainly all-round companies that offer a mix of these, but it depends on what fits well with the shipping profile of a shipper.

Country or region specialists are good at specific destinations and routes. Because they often drive there frequently and have few empty trucks both ways, they can often offer competitive rates.

There are also companies that specialize in certain markets. For example, different things are important for supermarket deliveries than in the chemical industry.

In terms of type of cargo, this could include pallets, IBCs, packaged goods, loose goods, or bulk transport. Most carriers focus on shipping goods on pallets.

When it comes to procuring freight shippers face the challenge of navigating through a jungle of transportation companies and logistics service providers to find the right mix that can be utilized by proper transport management. This task is made even more daunting by the numerous specialties within the industry, such as:

  • Volume
  • Country and region
  • Market sectors
  • Type of goods
  • Conditioning and trailer types
  • Combinations of the above

The proper conditioning of temperature, humidity, and other factors is crucial for transporting certain goods, and specific trailer requirements such as loading ramps or tail lifts may also be necessary. To determine the best combination of carriers for each shipper, it is essential to have extensive market knowledge based on factors like the type of product, total volume, shipment volume, road or intermodal transit times, geographic region, and specific requirements for trucking, trailers, and personnel involved in areas like conditioned transport or dangerous goods (ADR). A Transportation Management System (TMS) can also play a significant role in achieving the ideal mix for each shipment.

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