None! We are not a carrier, agent, freight forwarder, transport company, 3PL or 4PL provider. We support shippers as independent experts with services and software solutions in the area of logistics procurement, control tower services, supply chain optimization and provide our own transport management software solution.

Yes! Our clients are shippers, and we earn our revenue from shippers. We do not have rate agreements with any logistic service provider and we never receive commission from logistic service providers that we recommend. The means we do not have any preference or “hidden agenda” and are fully free to advice on a case by case basis what is best for our clients.

We increase operational (cost) efficiency of transport operations for shippers with a balanced mix of market awareness, process knowledge and software applications. In our operation we focus on quality, service level and relationships between shippers and logistics service providers, while ensuring market competitive costs for that service level. We don’t provide just ivory tower advice or software in a hit and run fashion. We support the actual implementation of our advice to meet the concrete targets that we jointly define with our clients at the start. We provide software with a service and guaranteed results.

Our home page lists the 6 different services that we offer. The common denominator of our services and software solutions is optimised transportation cost and resilience at the service you need. If transportation is a key cost element in your business model, we often have solutions for your challenges, even the challenges you did not know you had. From strategy to transport procurement to logistic footprints to our own transport management software solutions.

We work for all businesses that need transportation on a structural basis: from Small and Medium Enterprises up to multinationals.  Before we start, and depending on the size of the project, we determine with our clients (or in some cases a recuiter) an approach, the costs and the benefits.  We provide interim human resource, or projects based on a fixed price or performance bonus.

Tendering (Transport procurement)

This depends on the modality and market developments. As a general guideline, for road transport and parcel, we recommend to perform a tender once per two or three years. The ocean freight market is highly dynamic, for which we don’t recommend longer term contracts, since shipping companies or freight forwarders use price buffers to accommodate market changes, which usually lead to higher costs. Instead we recommend monthly or quarterly mini-tenders with a limited number of suitable suppliers, for which we have developed a dedicated e-tender platform.

Since we do this all the time, we provide a high level of market knowledge and procurement process knowledge, in addition to our unique software solutions.
Often our clients also do not have sufficient human resource availability to perform a tender in a structured way with sufficient personal attention for all internal stakeholders and bidders involved. The combination of experience, software and personal touch ensures we can execute tenders fast and effective, with an eye for partnership building. You can outsource the entire process or specific parts.

Generally we can complete a full tender from specification of the need to supplier selection in 3 months. Especially our analysis software saves a lot of time to analyse the quotations. The duration depends on requirements, volume and geographic footprint and the availability of correct and complete shipment data.

For road transport we are continuously working in European tenders (with experience on loading and unloading lanes in all countries). We also have experience (albeit less frequent) in Asia and the America’s. Ocean freight and air freight usually have a global scope.

Our specialists have experience with all modalities, including intermodal and rail. Most of our tenders concern road, parcel and ocean freight. Since air freight is used by a lower number companies due to its high costs, naturally we perform less air freight tenders.

Shippers must make sure that external specialists are fully independent. The key driver should be to realise the optimal transportation costs for the requested service level. When a specialist receives commission or already has pre-agreed rates, there is a hidden agenda to recommend service providers while others might be better for the shippers interest.

Yes you can. However, since our customers are tendering less frequent than we do, we have experienced that it’s more effective if we operate our elaborate software application ourselves to analyse the quotations. We ask our clients to provide a representative (12 month) shipment profile and the rate tables from the quotations, and we provide an analysis report that can be used to assess the optimal mix of service providers. We immediately check the rates for errors and completeness. Currently we are working on an updated and more client friendly update which we can provide as software as a service.

It’s a misconception that tenders are all about costs. It’s about service level first, and then optimal costs. At the start of a tender we therefore first identify the service level needed with all the client’s internal stakeholders. These are captured in a brief and to-the-point RFP with a compliance checklist. In addition to translating the quotations to costs for a yearly shipment profile, we analyse the compliance checklists to map differences in quality. Finally, we can perform scenario simulations on costs and quality, providing insight in what quality differences will costs. The shippers can then make informed decisions what is best for their business.

Our freight tendering service page visualises the tender proces. Transinnovate provides tailored services and can support parts of the process or the entire process, dependent on your needs.

The price depends on which steps of the process you require our support and on the amount of rate tables to be analysed. We are flexible and can work on basis of hourly reimbursement, fixed price or performance bonus. By performing a free quickscan before the start of the tender, we can estimate the benefits in costs and service, so we can jointly assess the mutual value and set clear targets.

Transport Management Software (TMS)

With our transport management systems you obtain grip (quantified data), near real-time overview and insight on shipments and transportation costs in one single platform. Our state of the art, modular approach makes our software already economically viable for small companies, compared to traditional solutions. Rate management, order management, surcharges, communication with service providers, dock management, it’s all available in a single environment. If you need less functions, you pay less. Save valuable time and costs with a typical Return on Investment (ROI) of only 3 months. 

Transinnovate supplies online software applications, that require NO local software implementations (besides a web browser). We can provide a stand-alone version, which requires the client to enter orders in our software. This is operational within days. We can also provide an EDI/API integration with a client’s ERP system to automatically import your commercial orders so you can book their transport with the best service provider. In that case the implementation depends on the speed of your IT department, but typically takes several weeks of integration and testing. 

Yes! Transinnovate has a modular TMS. We jointly assess with our clients what is needed, and only activate the modules that add value. This flexible approach ensures the TMS is not overly complicated and stays affordable. You pay only for what you need. Here you can read more on the functionality of our TMS-software.

Our TMS is mainly applied for road transport (Europe), parcel and / or ocean freight. Adding specific air freight functionality is in our TMS development roadmap and will be available in the near future.

Yes! Transinnovate offers a 3-month trial period to shippers so you assess the added value before you take a license. We support shippers with setting up the platform, uploading freight rates, inviting their service providers and a brief training. With a matter of days, shippers and logistics service providers are working with their logistics service providers. 

We have hundreds (and counting) of logistics service providers that work with our TMS. We have not yet encountered service providers that do not want to work through our platform, since we offer them to realize an EDI/API connection to their systems free of charge. This matches our vision to create a strong ecosystem of shippers and logistics service providers.  

The price depends on the selected modules and the number of orders that you want to process through our platform. We provide a company license (independent of the amount of users) and the license fee is a fixed (so not an amount per order) yearly amount for a certain bandwidth of expected orders. If the amount of order deviates significantly upward or downward, then we adjust the license fee accordingly.  Contact us for a tailored quotation and conditions. 

Our clients are shippers, who work with their selected set of logistics service providers. Our TMS are not an open market place. Service providers can get access to our shipper portals when specifically invited by our clients.  

Our TMS solutions can send rate requests and orders digitally to your client portal, and you can confirm orders and add surcharges. We will realize an EDI/API connection free of charge, provided that the shipper you work with has a license agreement with us. Once you have a connection with our TMS, you can reuse this connection for any other shipper that uses our TMS (if invited by them).