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We innovate, optimise and automate Transport and Logistics

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With a unique combination of market knowledge, process expertise, and software systems, we assist shippers from an independent position in innovating and achieving goals in the field of transport and logistics.


Sustainable Management & Procurement of Freight

At Transinnovate, sustainability is a top priority. Also more and more shippers are emphasizing the importance of sustainability in freight procurement and organization, we are here to help. Let us show you how to make sustainability a core part of your transport activities and how Transinnovate can provide the support you need… (read more)

As a result of the expansion of services and software tools in recent years, Peter and Michiel decided to merge Transport Tender and Aerovantage into the Transinnovate Group.
The data-driven insight into opportunities resulted in increasing customer demands for grip, overview and control with you of an accessible application. For this reason, alpha-TMS was launched, a complete and user-friendly transport management system.
After successfully completing a number of sea freight projects, poseadon-TMS was developed in collaboration with a client. Poseadon is user-friendly transport management software specifically designed for sea freight.
The lack of an integrated approach to R&D, product innovation and business development in the aviation sector caused Michiel Selier to found Aerovantage.
The development of innovative software to analyze freight rates and save costs was the reason for Peter Struiwigh to found Transport Tender.

50 tips on how to save 30% on transportation costs immediately.

Looking to gain more knowledge in optimizing or managing transportation? In our transport guide, we provide you with:

  • Tips for immediately saving costs on your current transportation.
  • A wireframe to help you gain control and insight into your current transportation data per shipment.
  • Insights into knowledge and developments within the transportation industry.

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We distinguish ourselves with market knowledge and experience combined with our software tools

Our approach is concrete and pragmatic

Feel free to reach out

We distinguish ourselves with knowledge and experience in combination with our software tools. Our approach is above all concrete and pragmatic. We would be happy to discuss your challenges with you and explain without obligation how we can support you with our data-driven analyzes and/or software applications.