Xdock EDI Connectivity

Seamless collaboration with your logistics service providers

Xdock EDI Connectivity

EDI/API connections between shippers and logistics service providers reduce handling in the areas of transport order management and quote requests. Shippers and logistics service providers benefit from these connections by reducing time and errors, resulting in lower operational costs.

Xdock for all your connections

Setting up and maintaining these EDI/API connections currently takes a lot of time for shippers’ IT departments. None of the connections are the same, so each logistics service provider requires a different format or protocol, which requires customization. And just when everything is in place, the operation decides to work with other logistics partners.

IT is a tool to connect shippers and logistics service providers to reduce operational work. In our view, it cannot become a barrier (vendor lock-in) in choosing with whom you can work best. Xdock solves this problem and gives you flexibility.

Benefit directly from Xdock functionality

Shippers who use our TMS benefit directly from Xdock functionality. If your own ERP system has sufficient TMS functionality and there is no need for a TMS, it is also possible to connect your system directly to Xdock. We can even help logistics service providers connect with their logistics partners.

IT must remain a tool to further automate a good operational click between shippers and logistics service providers in a structural collaboration.

A single EDI/API connection

Through Xdock, shippers are in direct contact with any possible logistics service provider. Xdock ensures that communication between all parties is streamlined and without confusion in the way that best suits the parties.

The main strength of Xdock is the digital reach of all your logistics service providers with a single EDI/API connection (namely, the one with Xdock), and thus we take the burden off IT departments.

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