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Freight Procurement

Every shipper, producer, or trader wants logistics service providers who offer services that seamlessly fit their own operations and customer expectations for service, while not paying more than necessary. After all, freight directly affects customer satisfaction and your profit margin, and therefore the continuity of your business. Optimizing this begins with purchasing freight services through freight tendering.

Purchasing freight services is a complex and time-consuming process. Each mode of transportation has its own challenges. Because purchasing freight services is not a daily process, many companies gain relatively little process and market knowledge. Additionally, often there is no freight tender software available to gain a good understanding. However, these elements are crucial for effective purchasing of freight services.

Freight tendering process

Freight is essential for customer satisfaction, must seamlessly integrate with business operations, and freight costs directly impact margins. Our procurement process is aimed at optimizing quality, service, and costs. First, we determine together what is really necessary. Good data, for example, from your own TMS, helps with this.

In addition, we use input from logistics, sales, production, warehouse, finance, and customer service. Then, we help select freight carriers. Of course, we consider current partners, but also parties of which we know the network and offer service that is a perfect match. We are completely independent in this and therefore have no (commission) agreements with freight carriers and select the best potential partners for you!

A good selection ensures a high response rate and competitively priced quotes. With our procurement software, we analyse the quotes and present decision-making information. Our software also provides detailed feedback to participating freight carriers to help optimise their quotations. Finally, we advise on which mix of carriers leads to good coverage of your shipment profile with sufficient flexibility and robustness. Where necessary, we help with drafting SLAs and contracts.


Some benefits

Guaranteed time and cost savings!

Market knowledge

Through the many tenders we annually do and information from our TMS, we gain insight in carriers and rates. From a completely independent position, we can connect our customers with the best carriers for their profile.

Process knowledge

With a good process process you realise transparent and homogeneous offers, allowing an accurate comparison on both costs and all important qualitative aspects. It also ensures a fixed and fast turnaround time.


Good tools are half the work, and this also applies to purchasing of freight. The way freight rates are offered, with various scales and surcharges, requires specialized software.


Every company is different and a procurement process must therefore be tailored. We provide customization in our service, from complete outsourcing to just support in the analysing the freight rates.


There are many providers that offer purchasing software. The excessive reliance software can lead to the neglect of essential communication with carriers. For us, the focus is not on the tools we utilize, but rather on maintaining meaningful connections with our customers and carriers.

No Cure No Pay

The costs for a tender depend on quite some variables, such as the number of carriers and tariff tables that need to be processed. If possible and desired, we work against no cure no pay.

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