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Supply Chain Consultancy & Interim

Companies are constantly subject to change. For example, new customers are acquired or lost, changes at your logistic service providers, changes in your volumes, your suppliers, customer requirements, etcetera. The combination of these changes will eventually lead to supply chain inefficiencies.

We can assist you in all your projects related to warehousing, transportation, and freight costs. We can provide our services on project or interim basis. Below you can find examples of topics for which we can offer our support.

Warehousing Footprints

With our expertise and software, we can help you in all your challenges related to warehousing. We can easily create insight in your transportation flows and analyse your customer requirements to define the optimal location of your warehouse(s). If needed, we can also help you select the right partner and negotiate rates. We can also use our own network to find a new partner, for example when you have urgent capacity issues.

Transport & Logistics Management

If desired, we can support you on interim basis with challenges in subjected to transportation and logistics. Some project examples in which we are experienced: write and implement new logistics policies, managing the daily logistics or transport operations, the implementation of a TMS or WMS, centralizing or decentralizing your logistic activities, or supporting tendering with your own software or our software.


Are you questioning your transport and logistics strategy? Sustainable or not, optimize inventory or short lead times? What do you want versus what to you need? With an objective outside view, we will help you find the answers to any strategy questions you may have. We analyse your freight profile with our software and interview stakeholders to identify threats and opportunities. We will define new strategies in cooperation with all stakeholders. If needed, we make project plans and assist in the execution of these plans.

Supply Chain Re-Design

Sensible organizations periodically review their supply chain fundaments to keep them efficient, effective, and affordable. The common denominator in these fundaments is transportation and related freight costs. Beside costs the fundaments also impact the rest of your organization and customer satisfaction. We are experts in properly embedding transport in your organization and keeping it future-proof.

Supply chain Optimisation? In our conversations with clients, we often hear “Our transport operation is fine” Yes, but what is in it for you when it is perfect?

We differentiate ourselves with specific knowledge in combination with our in-house developed software tools. Our approach is concrete and pragmatic. We would be delighted to get in touch to brainstorm about your supply chain challenges. Without obligations we would be happy to elaborate how we can support you with data driven analysis.