Comparing Freight Rates

Comparing Freight Rates

Comparing transport rates is an essential part of the transportation procurement process. For sea freight, the complexity lies mainly in the periodic (often monthly) changes in sea freight rates, and for road and parcel freight, the complexity lies mainly in the large and challenging rate tables with varying zones and surcharges. Especially for road freight, comparing freight rates is not possible without the use of smart software. Due to the lack of proper and intelligent software, it is often impossible for companies to compare freight rates effectively. As a result, procurement processes or supply chain analyses may not be optimal, resulting in excessively high freight costs.

Freight Rates and Templates

Freight quotes are often not transparent. Especially for road freight, they are often enormous tables for various countries (in Europe), in different forms and sizes. Freight buyers often resort to creating templates to gain some control over the received quotes. Even most online transport tender applications use templates to compare freight costs. In this blog, we explain why it is better not to prescribe templates to logistics service providers during a benchmark or tender.

Software Transinnovate

The strength of our software is its flexibility to adapt to the carrier rate tables. Our software is capable of processing any form and size of rate table and matching it with a desired shipment profile. This allows us to help our clients perfectly during a supply chain redesign exercise, freight cost benchmark, or tender. We compare freight costs and simulate how freight can be best organized within your organization. With our detailed reports, you will know exactly where you stand. Leave analysing freight costs to Transinnovate, as it will save you money and valuable time!


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