• Work Seamlessly with your logistics service providers

Xdock EDI Connectivity

EDI/API connections between the systems of shipper and logistics service providers reduce handling for transport order management and (spot) quotes. Shippers and logistics service providers benefit from these connections as they reduce time, effort, and the chance on mistakes, resulting in lower operating costs for both.

Xdock Unburdens

Often the implementation and maintenance of EDI/API connections consumes time and effort. The connections are all unique with different formats and parameters which requires tailored connections. Then once everything is up and running, you will see that operations decides to add or remove a logistics service provider from the portfolio.

IT is a valuable means to connect shippers and service providers to reduce work, but in our view, it should never become a barrier in the selection of service providers (vendor lock-in). Xdock solves this problem and ensures maximum flexibility.

Benefit immediately from Xdock the functionality!

Shippers that use Alpha-TMS benefit immediately from the Xdock functionality. However, if your own ERP system has sufficient TMS functionalities and you do not need a TMS, we can connect Xdock directly to your ERP. Doing this you redcue your IT efforts to connect to all your service providers to a minimum.

Additionally we can support logistics service providers with their connections to logistic partners.

IT should be a means to automate the good operational match between shippers and logistics service providers in a long-term cooperation.

One single EDA/API connection

Xdock allows shippers to connect with any logistic service provider. Xdock ensures that the connection between shippers and service providers is set-up quicky, smoothly and without (digital) miscommunications fitting the systems and operations of both parties.

The main strength of Xdock is realising a digital connection with all your service providers with a single EDI/API (with Xdock). This reduces effort, time, and costs for IT departments.