• Independent tailored support where we unburden your freight operations as much as needed

Transport Management Services

The continuous improvement and optimising of freight with respect to service, quality and costs is complex and time consuming. This also requires specific knowledge of the freight market, insight into saving potential and grip on freight operations. Without this, manufacturers, traders and other shippers often face unnecessarily high freight costs and difficulties to improve quality and service. For shippers that do not have sufficient capacity or tools to optimise freight, we have a solution with our Transport Management Service.  

Innovative transport management software

If you do not have proper software in place already, we start the process installing our innovative transport management software. This will provide quick and full insight into your contract rates and the lead times of your logistics partners. With a few mouse clicks you can easliy place orders at the best logsitic service provider. If needed you can quickly ask for spot rates as well. We will ensure that your rates and fuel surcharges stay up to date and are in direct contact with your logistics service providers.

The solution if time is a problem!

Depending on what you need to reach your goals we can combine our services Freight Tendering and Transport Management Software to function as a full Transport Control Tower. You just place your transport orders and pay the involved invoices from your logistics service providers and we perform everything in between. We will completely unburden your operation and will realize continuous improvements on service/quality versus spend. Please note that we do not have any agreements commission with logistic service providers and never receive commission, so we are fully independent to realize your goals.

We act like your own Control Tower

We ensure the lowest possible costs with the service and quality you require. We solve problems. You get full transparency in everything we do and agree on.

Spearheads of our management services

Freight Tendering

In close coordination with you we verify if service and quality of transport still match your company's operations. We will also to what extent your contract rates are competitive for this type of service level. When required or opportune, we jointly decide to prepare and execute freigth tenders. Our independent position in the market ensures that we can secure the lowest cost for the service and quality that you need. For more information see Freight Tendering.

Reporting and KPIs

Periodically, we analyse the transport orders that were placed and generate reports on quality, service, spend and saving potential. We will jointly evaluate pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Where necessary we will contact your team and with logistics service providers to discuss problems, opportunities and improvements. We prepare decision information, you take the smart decisions and we will follow-up with execution. We keep you on top of your game.  

Invoice verification

One of the benefits of a transport management system is the fact that orders, surcharges, fuel and discounts are registered transparently and traceable. Your freight data is always up to date and therefore no more surprises in invoices. Through the "backwards invoicing" principle we verify and validate invoices and will let you know if these can be paid.

Intermediair and mediation

As your full service partner we are always available to answer all your questions on transport and logistics. We will help you resolve any conflicts with logistics service providers. Our independent position and our extensive experience allows us to take an objective view at your problems, and will resolve them with your logistics service providers and your team ensure a good long-term relationship.  

Inspiration without obligation?

If you want to find out more about how this service can benefit your company, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to share our knowledge and lessons learned in a free of charge inspiration session and discuss your specific situation. If there are synergies with your problems or challenges and what we have to offer we can jointly define a tailored service that matches your needs and realises your goals. You pay us only for what you need and we guarantee results. This is why we are happy to agree on 'no cure no pay' or a performance bonus based agreement. We strive for joint success!